Feel Seasons from Seafood Variety

We offer different variety of fish in different seasons, simply because the best seasons are different for each variety of fish. Each month is different, and you will never be bored with that.

Our Fish Variety

Bluefin Tuna Otoro 大トロ

The bluefin tuna holds the title of being the monarch among fish. Within this majestic fish, the otoro stands out as the richest and most marbled part, and our bluefin tuna from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki boasts an exquisite marbling of otoro. If you were to enjoy it at a sushi restaurant, expect a bill that reaches astronomical heights. To prepare it for sashimi, it's best to slice it immediately after removing it from the refrigerator. The colder the fish, the easier it is to create delicate sashimi slices. You can also enhance its Umami flavor by searing the surface through the Maillard reaction. Our otoro is truly exceptional. Pairing suggestion: Champagne.

Bluefin Tuna Chutoro トロ

Chutoro presents an impeccable harmony between the richness of its fat content and the distinct taste of tuna. Our chutoro, sourced from carefully selected bluefin tuna from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, boasts an astonishingly silky texture. If you're unsure about which part of the tuna to purchase for your first experience, this is the ideal choice. You'll have no regrets when you savor it. Well-aged Bourgogne would be a perfect match with our chutoro.

Bluefin Tuna Lean Meat 赤身

Akami lean meat of tuna is oftentimes considered as just cheap part of the fish. But our Akami is totally different. The intense flavor of bluefin Akami from Goto Island in Nagasaki is not comparable to Akami of any other tuna, aquacultured or wild-caught. If you like game meat, you'd love our Akami.  You can pair it with a good Bordeaux or Albi's hidden gem.

Striped Marlin マカジキ

Striped marlin, or Kajikia audax, is a magnificent fish species found in the waters around Japan. With its distinct striped pattern and long, pointed bill, the striped marlin is highly regarded both as a game fish and a culinary delight. The best season for striped marlin in Miyazaki typically spans from November to March, coinciding with the colder months. The whole fish contains a fat content comparable to that of bluefin tuna chutoro. This fish benefits from aging, and it's actually not recommended to consume it immediately after catching. After a week of aging, it develops an incredible amount of aroma and umami flavor.

Yellowtail ブリ・ハマチ

Yellowtail, known as Buri in Japan, is a typical winter fish in the coastal waters of Japan. As the largest and most mature stage of the yellowtail's life cycle, Buri yellowtail is celebrated for its exceptional taste and culinary versatility. The best season to savor the full glory of Buri in Miyazaki typically occurs during the winter months, from December to February, when the fish reaches its peak of flavor and fattiness. Buri is known for its rich, succulent flesh and a robust umami taste that is both savory and slightly sweet. Its Japanese name, however, changes as it grows; in the region it is called "Mojako" (~8 inches,) "Yazu" (~16 inches,) "Warasa" ( ~24 inches,) and "Buri" (24+ inches.) Whether enjoyed as sashimi, sushi, or grilled, Buri yellowtail offers a memorable seafood experience that represents the taste of winter.

Greater Amberjack カンパチ

Kampachi, also known as Japanese amberjack or greater amberjack, is anoter popular fish in Japan. It is renowned for its delicate flavor and velvety texture, making it a cherished delight in Japanese cuisine. The prime season to savor the exquisite taste of Kampachi in Miyazaki typically occurs during the summer months, from June to August. During this period, the fish reaches its pinnacle of flavor and tends to exhibit heightened succulence. Kampachi boasts tender, pale pink to ivory flesh that is abundant in natural oils, lending a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel and a gentle, subtly sweet taste. Whether relished in its pure, raw form as sashimi or sushi, or expertly prepared through grilling, Kampachi promises an unforgettable epicurean experience that showcases the finest flavors sourced from Miyazaki's pristine coastal waters.

Seabream タイ

Red seabream, known as Madai in Japan, is a highly prized fish cherished for its exquisite taste and delicate texture. Renowned for its vibrant red coloration, Madai is a revered delicacy in Japanese cuisine. With a subtly sweet and clean flavor profile, it offers a delightful balance of umami and natural sweetness. The flesh of Madai is firm yet tender, making it ideal for various cooking methods, including grilling, steaming, and sashimi. When prepared correctly, it boasts a melt-in-your-mouth quality that is truly exceptional. Whether enjoyed in traditional dishes such as sushi or as the centerpiece of an elegant seafood feast, Madai promises a culinary experience that highlights the delicate flavors and superior quality of this prized fish.

Olive Flounder ヒラメ

Olive flounder, known as Hirame in Japan, is a prized fish celebrated for its delicate flavor and firm, succulent flesh. With its distinctive flat shape and sandy brown coloration, Hirame is highly regarded in Japanese cuisine for its exquisite taste and versatility in cooking. The flavor of Hirame is mild and slightly sweet, with a hint of brininess that enhances its overall character. The flesh is tender and flaky, offering a delightful melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Whether enjoyed as sashimi, grilled, or prepared in delicate dishes such as Usuzukuri (thinly sliced fish), Hirame showcases its exceptional taste and texture, making it a sought-after choice for seafood enthusiasts seeking a refined dining experience.

Striped Jack シマアジ

Striped jack, also known as Shima-aji in Japan, is a distinguished fish prized for its exceptional qualities in the world of seafood. Characterized by its distinctive striped appearance and a taste that stands out in Japanese cuisine, Shima-aji holds a special place on the culinary stage. Its flavor profile is a harmonious blend of mildness and subtle sweetness, with a nuanced hint of brininess that adds depth to its overall character. The flesh of Shima-aji is not only tender but also flaky, delivering a delightful melt-in-your-mouth experience. Whether savored as sashimi, expertly grilled, or incorporated into delicate preparations such as Usuzukuri, this fish exemplifies an unparalleled combination of taste and texture. For seafood enthusiasts in pursuit of refined dining experiences, Striped jack is an exquisite choice that promises culinary delight.

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