How to Slice Sashimi

Do the Knives Matter?

Yes, they do, but not to the extent you may think. Any knives do, but sharper and longer knives slice sashimi more efficiently. When you slice sashimi, always apply minimal or zero pressure on the blade, so that you don't break the cells and structures of the fish meat.

Sea Bream Thin Slice "Usu-zukuri"

No pressure, just pull the knife

Skin side up. Slice from the left. If the knife is long and sharp enough, you can slice the sashimi in one go. But with a shorter and less sharp knife, you can slice a good piece of sashimi with multiple pulls.

Even IKEA knife works

Even though there are some frayed spots on the edge, even IKEA knife does its job. 

Yellowtail Thin Slice "Sogi-zukuri"

Skin side down, slice thinly

Similar to "usu-zukuri" but upside down. No pressure on the blade as always. Easier to slice at a lower temperature.

Any knives do

All the knives resulted in acceptable cutting surface.

Tuna Thick Slice "Hira-zukuri"

Slice vertically

Always no pressure. Check the direction of the layers of the cutting surface. Slice from the right.

Not much difference, right?

That means probably your knife works. If you start slicing sashimi more regularly, you may think of buying a knife specialized for sashimi "Yanagiba."

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